Brian guides professional and age group triathletes to performances beyond their expectations. His athletes have numerous top 10 overall placings in Ironman and 70.3 races, won multiple Age Group World Championships, they’ve dominated regional and local races while shattering their athletic goals.

What to do?

Bag the rest of the season or not? Always a tough decision with races on the table, especially in a season full of really good ups and really bad downs. There really weren’t any ho hum races.  It was either really fast (for me), DNS or DNF.  I think my DNS’s + my DNF =…

Paradigm shift?

Got cleared to start working out today.  Ended up it my gastroc that was inflamed.  Best of all, my knee is unremarkable on the x-rays. Sometimes unremarkable is a good thing. The only thing concerning me was the doc said stretching may be a good thing for me to do, and core exercises oh, and…

I ran!

6:15.  Yes, a whole 6 min and :15 seconds. Pain free.  Pretty exciting. It’s been a week since I ran.

Walking back to the house, I noticed everyone had newspapers in their front yards.  I picked them up and put them in the recycling bins. Gotta keep the hood looking clean.


What else could go wrong this season?  Multiple 5-15 day blocks of time off being sick, sliced off part of my thumb, have to get crowns on 2 teeth. Really isn’t that enough?  Apparently not.  It seems I now have tendonitis where my semimembranous inserts. But it only hurts when I run, bike and walk.…