More Blogging

more often…or so they say. There for a few years I was writing a lot. Then there was a period in life where life happened and I got away from writing. Throughout the years I’ve kept a notebook with coaching related stuff including a page with topics to blog about. Things like why kJ’s (kilojoules)…

A Racing Weekend

So many races in so many places.  Sometimes there are so many Accelerate3 athletes racing it’s hard to keep track.

In Alabama it was a weekend filled with lots of duathlon racing. At the Double Oak Duathlon Tom Woods started the duathlon season where he left off last year.  Going fast!  He won the long course race in convincing fashion with the  fastest first run, fastest bike split and a big enough lead going into the second run that he

IM Melbourne

Every once in a while as a coach something happens that really pisses you off. Slam your fist on the counter and want to punch the offender in the face mad. A few days before this race, this is was where I was at. Janine was having dinner with some of her friends. Her old…