Brian Stover

Brian started his coaching career in 1994 as a swim coach. That experience hooked him on coaching. For 20+ years he has been coaching pro and age group triathletes, duathletes, cyclists and other endurance athletes around the world.

Brian received a BS from East Carolina University in Exercise Science with concentrations in Human Performance and Health. He has delivered talks to triathlon clubs and camps across the US on training with power. As the co-founder of AeroCamps he is one of the leading experts in the world in wind tunnel testing triathletes. He has helped design and test clothing for global manufacturers and has advised numerous athletes on improving their aerodynamics.



Dusty Nabor

Dusty started in triathlon in 2010. Ever since then, he has been a student of the sport. Known as a jack of all trades, Dusty embodies the idea of taking whatever he does in life to the extreme. He is a constant learner and is never satisfied with his current level of understanding and knowledge. From racing cars to flying airplanes, Dusty takes what he does very seriously and becomes the ultimate student of it. Mentored and coached by Brian since 2011, he shares the same philosophy on training. Being precise, yet simple. He understands the sport better than most and has an amazing aptitude for pulling success and greatness out of his athletes. Extremely flexible in his approach and available to answer questions, Dusty brings everything to the table that you would expect from a top level coach/mentor.