More speed, more comfort, more power

High hands are all the rage. Are they faster? What helmet should I use? Can I raise my front end and be faster?

If you’re not testing then you’re guessing. The change you make that feels faster may actually be costing you time.

In the past these questions such as these could only be answered in a wind tunnel. We can now answer these questions, and more, utilizing the Gizmo aero sensor or A2 wind tunnel testing.

We use our 10 years of aero testing experience to optimize your position so you go faster on less watts getting you to the finish line before your competition.

After your aero testing session you’ll be in your most optimal position, with the helmet, suit, socks and storage options all dialed in to help you get on the podium!

Are you a triathlete, time trialist, track racer or road cyclist interested in aero testing? We can field test in Tucson or your location. Contact us for more information and availability.

We made guest appearances on the Cycling Time Trial Podcast where we discuss aero testing in the US and Australia, results, if/when you should switch to disc brakes. You can listen to the episodes here and here. This Escape Collective podcast mentions our average watts saved for 2023.

Currently in 2024 we are reducing drag by an average of 25 watts per athlete.


Here’s what one said about their experience – “I couldn’t be happier with everything I’ve gotten out of our sessions. Thank you so much for your time and assistance. It’s made a huge difference and given me a lot more confidence that I’m on the right path.” – Andrew A.

Please contact us for pricing and to reserve your testing slot.